It's been a while.

testing the k(not) tote
I love lavender!!
lavender fields 
Florentijn Hofman rubber ducky at the Port
strawberries from the garden
marshmallow skies
Mama and baby k(not) bucket bag
k(not) charms

Hi there!! It's been a while since I have posted. But I am back! Here is a bit of my summer, places I been and projects I have worked on. Hope you enjoy the last(hopefully) of the warm weather and into the fall weather! :)


It's been a while since I have updated my blog. I've been pretty busy the past months. I helped Wakako @Baum-kuchen with the shop, while they were in Japan. I want to thank all the customers during that time and hope I did a decent job! :)  It is pretty awesome to wrap and send out some items that were designed by me. Extra thanks to the customers that bought the k(not) clutches and k(not) charms!!

Aside from the shop, I also took in 4 baby kittens to take care of. They were really young and needed to be bottle fed. Between my mom, sis, and I, we took over mama's job. Really tiring, but they are adorable! They are much bigger these days, so I will be able to get back to my work and projects and hope to have some new goods to show. :)

Thank you again to Wakako for letting me help out at the shop!!! I miss the studio and will need to visit soon!


K(not) clutch trio colors

cognac, nude and black
cognac with evergreen stitching
Cognac k(not) clutch with Traveler's Notebook
awesome photos by Wakako @ Baum-kuchen

Light tan k(not) clutch

It has been a while since my last post. I've been busy with Chinese New Year prep and celebration with my family. But I am back! I want to share a new color combo of the k(not) clutch. I used a light tan leather paired with the nude knot and evergreen stitching. I really love the pop of green on the the beautiful tan leather. I hope you do too!

clau collection

veg tan k(not) clutch
photo by Wakako @baum-kuche
k(not) clutch
photo by Wakako @ Baum-kuchen
k(not) clutch
photo by Wakako @ Baum-kuchen
mitt scarf
photo by Wakako @Baum-kuchen

mitt scarf details
photo by Wakako @baum-kuchen
Happy New Year Everyone!! Hope you all had a great holiday!! I had family in town and was spending some quality time with them. And now back to work. Here are photos of some of the items from clau in created 2013.  Let's see what items will be added in 2014!! 

Art of Gift Giving Workshop

Here are some snapshots from the Art of Gift Giving Workshop at Baum-kuchen.
Wakako and Frido conducting their first Baum-kuchen workshop! photo cred. Jessie Kawata via Baum-kuchen
My spot filled with special goodies to take home, including cozi
cozi- coffee sleeves by me for all the participants
Susan's (the other kennedy compound) jams. Yum!
Wakako showing us a wrapping demo
The girls!
Me, Wakako, and Jessie!


Here's another project I worked on with Wakako at Baum-kuchen. They are a little gift each of the participants in the Art of Giving workshop this earlier today. Thank you for letting me join in, Wakako and Frido! I'll share some of the photos from it soon. I had a blast working on this project. From brainstorming to making the first prototype to the final artifact and also creating a fun little packaging as well. And a little surprise in the interior. I hope all the participants like Cozi as much as I do!

Also, my good friend and her little one gave me a cute bouquet of flowers and herbs from her garden. It definitely brighten up the gloomy and rainy day we had last Wednesday. Thanks Jeanie and Seanie!!! :)

Now available at Baum-kuchen!

This past friday, I stopped by Baum-kuchen to drop off a few items. Here are two k(not) clutches, a black on black leather version and veg tan leather version. Go check it out at Baum-kuchen in Glassell Park! Wakako and I spent some time over tea and yummy pastries and chatting and brainstorming about new projects and plans for the near future. :) Stay tuned for more info and the collaboration project that is in the works! Have a good rest of the weekend!

the knot

photo by wakako(baum-kuchen)
knot/cord that wounds around and binds the clutch together
traditional chinese button knots

The knot on the k(not) clutch, tote and scarf is inspired by the button knot closure on the traditional chinese clothing, like the cheongsam. Knot in chinese(結) means to bind, reunion, love, etc.  The knot on the clutch is a more modernized version of the traditional button knot. Using round cord to create the knot gives it a unique dimension.  The knot will crafted to other artifacts in the near future, maybe keychains and/or jewelry?

Baum-kuchen opening party and debut of my bags!

Last week was Baum-kuchen studio/shop's opening party. And it was my first time selling my bags!!! It had a great turnout for both Baum-kuchen and I. I got to meet many awesome people and had a blast(felt like a mini grad show). It was super fun to work with Wakako and Susan that afternoon! , the The amazing moment happened during the day!! I sold my first k(not) clutch!!!!! And then a few more later the day and a few orders!!!! Here are some photos of the event. Thanks to many friends that came to support. Also, thank you Susan, Dice and Sarah for taking some awesome photos!
Wakako: the awesome host and owner of Baum-kuchen!
Tomo checking out my bags!
my cozy corner! ♥
my piggy bank collaboration with Baum-kuchen!
one of my k(not) clutch with my totes

All about the details.

details from Poc tote

details from Teddy tote

signature details

details from k(not) clutch in natural

details from k(not) clutch in chestnut
In the last few weeks, I have been making and prepping some items to show at my friend Wakako's brick and mortar studio/shop Baum-kuchen opening party yesterday. Here are some process photos of some of the details from my goods.  More photos of the event coming up!


Clouds that look like its blooming or like dandelion. 
Marion Crepes at Mitsuwa

Baum-kuchen studio/shop visit!!

Two weeks ago, I went to visit Wakako at her Baum-kuchen studio/shop in Glassell Park.  I love the space and it is very cute and inspiring. I am so excited for Wakako and proud of her shop moving into another exciting chapter!  Also, she asked me to show a few of my bags at the opening party next week! Excited!! Thank you Wakako! xoxo

Here are some photos from the visit.
There's the felt piggy bank  I worked on in different color stitching along other artifacts!

A work station where you could customize and build your own Traveler's Notebook! 

A neighborhood cat that hangs out at the store garden in the front.

Testing out a few more patterns

I tried tanning two more patterns on leather for pockets inside a bag or maybe exterior one day. Also the last photo, I took the one of the tanned pieces and made it an interior pocket for one of the totes I am making.  More photos of the tote when I finish the bag. 

interior pocket of one of the totes

Sun tanned pattern


I tried tanning a pattern on raw veg tan leather the other day. I used tape to mask of the pattern and then took it outside for a tanning session. The 2nd photo shows how it looks after the tan and after removing the tape. Thinking of using it for an inside pocket of a bag and or the outside of a wallet. Going to try out a few more patterns. Keep posted for more!

Layers of leather.

 I pick up a some leather for different color options a few days ago. Time to make some more bags!

Clutch bag

I made this clutch/bag the other day. It can use it as a clutch or pull the leather cords from the interior of the bag and use them as handles. This is a working prototype with some minor adjustments need to be made.  I will be making another version with different color combo. Also, I can see this in a larger shoulder bag and/or cross body bag form as well. Keep posted!

Winter palettes

source: Nelly Rodi
Loving the winter palettes from Nelly Rodi. Might use a few of the colors from here on my future projects. Have a great weekend all!


Some knot inspirations for possible bag detail for the next bag.

Test knot piece made out of round leather cord.