Baum-kuchen opening party and debut of my bags!

Last week was Baum-kuchen studio/shop's opening party. And it was my first time selling my bags!!! It had a great turnout for both Baum-kuchen and I. I got to meet many awesome people and had a blast(felt like a mini grad show). It was super fun to work with Wakako and Susan that afternoon! , the The amazing moment happened during the day!! I sold my first k(not) clutch!!!!! And then a few more later the day and a few orders!!!! Here are some photos of the event. Thanks to many friends that came to support. Also, thank you Susan, Dice and Sarah for taking some awesome photos!
Wakako: the awesome host and owner of Baum-kuchen!
Tomo checking out my bags!
my cozy corner! ♥
my piggy bank collaboration with Baum-kuchen!
one of my k(not) clutch with my totes